Pixel Pusher

Live Action

Production services for live action shoots.
Pre-production coordinating.
In the studio and on-location.

Post Production

Video editing, MoGraph and compositing.
Post supervision and management as well as design.

Interactive Development

Games, digital experience UI design & dev.
Websites, art installations, and kickass new media awesomeness.

New Phone, Who Dis?

  • Testimonial

    John Gerard


    About John Gerard

    John has been working professionally in video and digital production for over 10 years. He likes working with super talented people to build dope experiences.

    He got his start in tape duplication back when people still used tape, remember when that was a thing? Dubbing led to editing, which led to producing. And as video became more of a digital medium John’s passion for learning steered him to interactive work, producing multimedia experiences that draw from his experience in video and love of design. Over the years he’s worked on hundreds of broadcast tv spots, websites, media campaigns, music videos, short films, interactive installations, and other digital bric-a-brac.

    Recently a Producer at award winning design and production studio We Are Royale.

    He now lives in Amsterdam and is freelancing, for current availability drop a line.

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